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Keep your thoughts, notes, tasks, projects, watchlists and plans organized. For teams & individuals.

Organize & Overview

Checklists help you organize things and focus on what's important. Columns gives you an overview of your project, so you can clearly see the big picture.

Remarkable people use multiple lists in their work

My method of list making is not to make a single list per project, but rather to make a series of lists that help me define it as it goes.
Adam Savage

Adam Savage

Сo-host of the MythBusters

Keep three and only three lists: a Todo List, a Watch List, and a Later List. The more into lists you are, the more important this is.
Mark Andreesen

Mark Andreesen

Co-founder of a16z

My way of working is to beat an idea into a list of bullets. The bullets are short, but they give me enough to see the rough shape & structure…
Duncan Jones

Duncan Jones

Film Director

Columns makes all of it possible. No more mess in your notes app, google docs or task-managers.

Clean design

Productivity apps have to be clean and simple. Backgrounds, stickers and mascots brings distraction.

Сoncise design helps you to focus and be more productive.


It seems that checkboxes is not a big deal but it changes the way you work, plan or track things.

Checkboxes helps you to see instantly where you are in any project, at any given moment.

By the way, you can hide checkboxes if you want or change it to a bulets (∙), dashes (—) or arrows (→).


Large lists is a mess. Break them up by headings to make a clean visual structure. Create stages, categories, features or anything you want.

Headings helps you to control sprawl and keep your columns more organized.

Every Card is a Chat

Yeah, you can chat with your team inside every card. All discussion and decisions will be in one place.

Chats helps a team to be on the same page.


Place a card in multiple columns even boards at the same time. Work on them simultaneously between teams or projects.

Instant Preview

Take action right from the board. View attachments, edit calendar or assign users without opening a card.

Smart Calendar

Natural language calendar understands you. Just type “next Wednesday” or “five days form now“, and you're good to go.

Mark with colors

Assign color to any card or board to make them more visible and you’ll never lose important ones.

Collapsed Columns

Eventually most projects grow and boards become sprawl. Hide columns you don’t need. Focus on important!

Assign to Columns

Assign users to columns and headings—not just cards—and they will be notified when a new card appears.

Checklist-boards vs. Kanbans

The Kanban workflow moves tasks—cards—through stages (Features > Design > Development > Done). This works well when you're working on a big feature. But most of the time, your team works on independent tasks (fixing bugs, designing banners, writing posts) and in these cases kanbans don't help: you don't need "design" to fix a bug.

The main way to use Columns as a task manager is to create checklists of tasks and click 'check' when each task is completed. It is simple, powerful and flexible.

You can work the way you like—and that includes the kanban workflow, too.

Designed to be personal.

Great for teams.